fishi0x01 encouraged me to start a developer blog. Thanks to him, I shall now be able to write down some thoughts, show difficulties I face during development and explain their solutions. It will also help me to keep track of progression on private projects, as well as announce their improvement and promote upcoming releases.

Jekyll and GitHub

The blog is powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages. This combination conveniently leads to:

  • less administrative workload
  • no dedicated infrastructure
  • free distribution via GitHub CDN
  • configuration and content with text files
  • Markdown support by default

Unfortunately there is:

  • no author / group / reader policy
  • no inhouse commenting system

Feel free to try it yourself. Simply create a public repository “” and copy the contents of an existing blog, e.g. mine. Don’t forget to customize frontend, remove the original posts, articles and personal information. And of course respect privacy and copyright of others!