Another little, personal web project yielded the need for a gimmicky site. Especially on mobile devices the “touch” feature can bring additional aspects to the usability. I liked the idea of turning pages, that’s why I forked botelho/flipboard-layout in 2014. I did some digging, and here it is again: Paper Page.

First of all, feel free to look into the demo.

demo-image0 demo-image1

Because the original project had great UI performance and visuals, I chose to start from there. I’ve updated the JavaScript dependencies, added rotation and bookmarks and did some visual tweaking.


  • static website for simple, multiple pages
  • JavaScript driven page turning
  • optimized for touch devices and displays of all sizes
  • fall back stylesheet for a window too small
  • custom rotation
  • custom bookmarks

Now that I’m back to working with this template, I’m going to add other features, as you can see in the GitHub repository.